Weekend Activities: Endless Opportunities

WMS provides an amazing variety of weekend activities for our diverse student body.
The White Mountain School works hard to provide a tight and engaging academic schedule during the week so that students are always busy and always learning. But we also believe in fun and engaging weekends, which is why our weekend activity options are so exciting and varied.

In a single weekend, students can enjoy a cultural event (like our recent visit from Peruvian dance troupe Inkas Wasi), a project block where one of their classes has a chance to meet up for longer than usual and tackle incredible and creative group projects together, or an on-campus casino where students play for awesome prizes provided by our faculty. For the students who love to get active and explore the outdoors, we have ski and snowboard trips to Cannon Mountain or a hike up to the cloudy peak of Mount Washington. For students who love the arts, there might be a trip to the theater to see a play like The Producers. Or, for the student who just needs a wakeup call, there could be a hike to a local coffee shop, like Mojo or Maia Papaya. Faculty members can engage students in projects, making new foods, creating new crafts, or watching anything from documentaries to Disney films in the Great Hall.

At WMS, it’s important that downtime for our students to be just as fun and engaging as academics or sports, with as just as many options for students to spend their weekends pursuing their passions and interests.

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