What Inspires You?

Students are asked to list things that inspire them at WMS. Take a look to see what they said!

Several weeks ago, Head of School, Tim Breen, gave a morning meeting talk on inspiration. He had recently been asking himself the question, “What inspires me to get up every morning and go to work?

After offering some of the current inspiration guiding his own life and work, Tim posed the question to the rest of the WMS community. He asked everyone to answer the following two questions on an index card:
1) Name something specific that has inspired you at WMS this year.

2) Name something general about WMS that you find inspiring.

At a morning reading this week, Tim and Yanina Marin ‘11, Student President, read aloud the following compilation of WMS student and faculty answers to those questions.

• Watching kids set up Hood’s Hill shows dedication and love for their sport
The overall warmth of the faculty
• When Penelope started the Citizens of the World club
The vast beauty of the campus
• Other students’ Independent study projects
Student’s willingness to try new things
• Teaching the Boy Scouts how to climb
The teachers’ passion for teaching
• Eduardo hustling in a basketball game
Field Courses
• In Chemistry we were all struggling with one concept. All of the sudden, it became clear. It inspired me to find more challenges like this.
The spring
• My advisee overcame her fear of heights on field course — she was terrified as she lowered herself over the edge of the cliff, but her face lit up and she yelled, “I’m like a real mountaineer!”
Diversity and experience of the faculty
• The Chinatown Field Course
The kindness here
• Students who are brave enough to travel so far from home to attend this school
The community excitement for skiing and snowboarding
• A student gaining the courage to study abroad
Morning Meeting
• When Seong Ju plays piano
The landscape
• Sam Stratford’s goal during the soccer season
The commitment of the faculty
• Playing duck, duck, goose in the great hall and the enthusiasm with childhood games
The farm: I love that we grow some of our food and that we learn about the process
• Everytime Alice has been in a performance for theater
Friends laughing together
• Watching the other field course participants sit on the rocks and make field observations
Pass the Book
• Paddy made me a poster about ski racing that inspired me to not give up
Dorm conversations
• Josh Rosado’s baskets during the WMS/Cardigan game — and how loudly the crowd cheered
The Food
• When Brent forced me to do a free block study hall with him and it actually worked
Fun in the dorm
• Cross-country skiing with Adam and Kate during field course
When I come into the art room in the morning and there is new student work – a result of someone coming in after hours to work on a project
• Seeing seniors get accepted to so many colleges
Our setting — on the edge of White Mountain National Forest!
• Seeing Gabby get accepted to Duke
• Watching Jaime and Robby climb
Our community
• The expressions of love and appreciation written on the wall during Paddy’s morning reading
• International Night
The surroundings
• When Tim Breen got up in front of the school and told us he tried to build a submarine
Students’ smiles
• Paddling down the Kennebec
The general friendliness of people here — respect and kindness
• Nate’s help getting basketball going
The mountains and rivers
• Seniors holding it together so well even though it is so close to the end of the year
The community
• My Friends
Community support during Morning Meeting
• Matthew playing drums — super nervous but did it anyway and it was awesome
The lack of judgment that allows us to try new things
• Junya, Oxana, Alice, and Yanina’s performance in “The Butleress”
Joking and playing with friends makes it feel like home
• Most of my bio test scores are not good. However, I did well on one test and that tells me that I can do it.
The music around campus
• The fireworks we had for the new year’s celebration
Students working very hard
• Watching the freestyle team improve throughout the winter
When someone gets into trouble the dorm faculty can really talk to you heart to heart
• When we first built jumps and features on Hood’s hill and the school brought up the tractor to help us out
The setting — the mountains
• Discovering my passion for Spanish/Latin American culture
Emails from past students — seeing them follow their dreams
• The backcountry skiing group — especially when we did the Sherbie in the freezing cold
Whenever I go into the music room and see all the things we have in there
• One day I wasn’t having the greatest day and Lily Bennett tried to make me feel better and made me laugh
The energy and enthusiasm of the freshman class
• The positive energy everyone has the first day back from break
The scenery
• Helping another student who was really struggling during climbing
The quiet surroundings
• The first weekend I arrived at school and Jaime told me I had to hike up Mt Washington which I thought was ridiculous, but after I did it I felt I could do anything
The woods
• Making a short movie for English class
The amazing student artwork
• Melody hiking 9 miles in one day without complaint – 9 Really hard miles
• My friends and all the support the community offers
Dege’s speech last year
• Morning meeting
Community weekend in September inspired me to be involved and succeed
• The Faculty’s enthusiasm
Mercedes’s first morning reading about trying something new
• Watching people learn something new
Having an academic discussion while sitting on boulders beside the trail up Mt Washington
• Warm weather
In-class political debates with other students
• The time and care the faculty invest in the students
This fall when Nate set up the ice jam — how many people showed up and the energy and enthusiasm
• The beautiful mountains
When Jocelyn Harvey did a morning reading about her college essay — which was about her life
• Diverse community — Everyone has a nook
My Roommate inspires me. Whenever I feel tired or not confident enough, she will tell me what I’ve got and encourage me to try
• The relationships and trust that students and faculty have
The faculty at WMS are the reason I want to be a teacher. They have inspired me more than anyone I’ve ever met
• The commitment of students who want to get better at what they do or try something new

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