WMS Celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Megan Sweeney
The White Mountain School observes this national holiday in a unique way: by actively engaging with the diversity of its own community in a day of sharing and discussion.
For many schools, Martin Luther King Day is a day to be quietly acknowledged in morning announcements or history class before moving on with the regular school day. But at The White Mountain School, we take it as an opportunity to devote a day to celebrating the rich diversity of our incredible community. Here, we take a break from our usual classes and let the students take over. Throughout the day, students and teachers alike run and participate in workshops that explore the many cultures represented in our community, including:

Afghanistan: The Beauty and The War

An Open Conversation about America and China

Bollywood 101

Chinese as a Second Language

Coming Out

Gender Blender: Exploring Gender Roles

Sports and Disabilities

Am I Racist?

I Have a Dream

Lingering Charm: Chinese Calligraphy

Celebrate Latino Culture


All About Islam

Taboos in China

Shame and Science of Mental Illness and Addiction

We finish the day with an all-school activity discussing what we learned and how we felt about the School’s approach to diversity: the way opinions were presented, the way debates were constructed, what went well, what didn’t, and what we can do as a community to improve the experience and make sure that all voices, of all cultures, are heard.

Also take a look at our MLK Day Photo Album.

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