WMS thanks Stephen DiCicco

“Have you ever heard of Remington Razor? In the 1970’s they came out with an ad where the president Victor Kiam proudly proclaimed, ‘I liked the razor so much I bought the company.’ That pretty much sums up what White Mountain and my service to the School has meant to me. I liked it so much I couldn’t help but become involved.”

After more than two decades, Stephen DiCicco’s time as a member of The White Mountain School Board of Trustees comes to an end this June. Treasurer for 20 of his 23 years of service, DiCicco also served on the Board’s Strategic Planning Committee.

Co-founder of the educational consulting firm, Educational Directions Incorporated, WMS benefitted greatly from DiCicco’s expertise. A former Head of School with extensive board and strategic planning experience, he notes that the School’s continued success will rely on how well it lives out its mission.

“Lives are changed. We bring out confidence and potential by meeting the needs of each student. A great example is Sol Diamond ‘92 who is now a professor at Dartmouth.”

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DiCicco mentions the commitment of the faculty to its students and how students are treated with respect as what he loves most about WMS. In addition, an improvement to its facilities, a very talented board and collaborative academics round out a lengthy list of notable improvements since his board appointment.

“The newer facilities, which helps support the quality of life at a school, have had a huge impact. Admissions is more focused and the academics involve strong collaboration.

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DiCicco also commends the affordability White Mountain has to offer, hopeful that each stays intact as his board tenure comes to an end. He emphasizes that he has seen an overall improvement since beginning his service.

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