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Megan Sweeney
Our Theater Program graced us with two hilarious performances this weekend: Excerpts from “Oy” and “Less Said, The Better.”
This weekend, after a wonderful Community Dinner, The White Mountain School was treated to a fantastic performance by our very own Theater Program!

First, students in our after-school theater program performed a series of brief excerpts from “Oy,” by Rich Orloff, a comedic send-up and love letter to Jewish culture. “Good News from Albert,” featured a put-upon Albert Einstein (Ross MacFadyen) who wins the Nobel Prize, but still can’t win the approval of his mother (Rachael Moss). In “Murray, Leo, and Sol Rewrite the Criminal Code,” three old men (Ross MacFadyen, Rachael Moss, and Daniel Hierro) sitting on a park bench discussing the injustices of their lives, both miniscule and not so miniscule, and what’s to be done about them. Finally, “Is Lust Kosher?” asks the important questions and tells the double entendre-filled story of a young, frustrated couple in love…with food. Maybe. Between each set, student Harris Rothman came out to helpfully define Yiddish phrases used in the upcoming sketch.

The Short Performance Theater class ended the night with “Less Said, The Better,” by Jason Milligan. Two hitmen, jaded and cynical Ralph (Ricky Mahoney) and naïve Sammy (Brian McGovern) wait for their victim in a train station on New Year’s Eve. Ralph wants to get this right to avoid the wrath of their mysterious boss. Sammy just wants to go home and watch the ball drop. Could Clarice (Alice Oloo) be the person they’re after?

The plays were light, fast-paced, and funny, and our young actors carried their roles spectacularly. As always, they left us excited for their next performances.

“Oy” and “Less Said, The Better” Album

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