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Cinderella – Classic Fairy Tale Underscores the Power of Persistence

2019cinderellajeteThe White Mountain School and Creative Edge Dance Studio dancers performed Sergei Prokofiev’s Cinderella ballet on April 12 and 13 at the Opera House in Littleton, New Hampshire. Through elegantly choreographed dance performances and vivid staging, the classic tale came to life as the dancers leapt, twirled and bounded to Prokofiev’s jubilant music.


First published in 1697 by Mother Goose Author Charles Perrault, the story of Cinderella is known for its title character’s grace, dramatic transformation and comically wicked step-sisters. Cinderella’s moral lessons of forgiveness, being kind to others and positive persistence under challenging circumstances remain relevant and inspirational in our time. This story, and countless others, are explored and interpreted through many and varied performing and visual arts opportunities for students at The White Mountain School.

2019cinderellameetingfan“White Mountain’s Essential Skills and Habits are holistically aligned with what I nurture in my dance students,” said Dinah Gray, Director of Dance. “Works such as Cinderella, The Nutcracker, and our Spring Recital allow students to delve deeply into the practices of persistence and collaboration, using the rehearsal process and the performance experience to cultivate excellence as artists, athletes, and members of a community.”


Performing and Visual Arts at The White Mountain School
Arts offerings at The White Mountain School include core and elective academic courses as well as technique and performance-based instruction for a number of different styles and competency levels. You can find more information and an FAQ regarding our arts programs on our website.



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