Choreography and Performance

img_6200On a recent evening, the Choreography Class performed their piece called¬†“Andromeda” for the community in the Lovejoy Chapel. Pictured here are the members of the class:

Front: Vendy Pospisilova ’20, Center: Sophia Mangold ’20,¬†Johanna Clement ’20, Mariama Lemon ’20 and Rosie Bailey ’19, Back: Nathaniel Clement ’20

Annabel Clarance, M.F.A. and Kathy Kohatsu, M.F.A. co-taught the class and wrote the following description of what the students did throughout the semester:

Having spent the first half of the semester ‘finding’ movement, the Introduction to Choreography class spent the second half of the semester identifying ways to organize movement. Students learned different techniques to provide identifiable structure to their movement in order to create dances that resonate with an audience. Through both in-class exploration and video observation, students began the process of learning how to link their movement sentences together into larger paragraphs of work. Students had the opportunity to work independently and in groups of two or three and were asked to provide verbal feedback to their peers during class. One highlight of this process was the creation of a Self Portrait study wherein students started with a handful of statements about themselves and, through clever rearrangement and restatements, created a unique poem. They then used this poem as the structure for their movement study. The students’ final consisted of creating choreography for their culminating study of the semester. Using vocabulary from their Self Portrait studies students worked together to create a nearly 20 minute long culminating work. While working on creating their own dance works, students also had the opportunity to research, in depth, the life, works, style, and methods of a choreographer who was influential to the modern dance canon. Through this study, students gained an appreciation for and further insight into the choreographic process.

Click here to see the dancers in action during their performance for the community at the end of the semester. The members of the class choreographed this entire piece themselves out of three duets, six solos and a couple of full group moments. Each student crafted their movement from their own “I statement” poems.

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