Colonial Theatre Event

By: Leah Boch, Faculty

On September 13, after our first full week of classes, 27 students loaded onto two busses to make the short trip down the road to the beautiful and historic Colonial Theater in downtown Bethlehem to watch the Women’s Adventure Film Tour which features some of the world’s most inspiring women in adventure through 7 short films which showcase real stories about women from a variety of cultures and sports around the world – from running a marathon across 7 continents to cliff diving.

This was the first official outing of the year hosted by The Backcountry Sisters, our female in the outdoors affinity group. The event was open to the entire community and students of all genders joined us for an evening of inspiring stories. We were welcomed into the theater by our very own Head of School, John Drew, since the White Mountain School was co-sponsor of the event. Our students were surrounded by other outdoor enthusiasts from the local community as we all settled into to enjoy a collection of short, but powerful films. 

Over the course of the evening, we watched as women overcame hardships, connected in new ways with their native lands, and challenged themselves to stretch their limits all while finding joy in the communities they built around the activities they love. When we left the theater, we were greeted by the crispness of the fall air in the White Mountains. As we walked back to the busses, students animatedly chatted about their favorite films of the evenings and the awe-inspiring stories they had witnessed. For me, the story that will stick with me the longest was the group of Maasai women who alongside a small group of American women summited Mt. Kenya. The Maasai culture is deeply patriarchal and many of the women in the film had little to no control over their own lives. As the advisor of Backcountry Sisters, watching that film made me feel extremely grateful to be in a community that thinks thoughtfully about how to best support all of the student’s identities in all facets of their lives at The White Mountain School.


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