Community Service Day

dsc_0856The weather was ideal and spirits were high on our annual Community Service Day! This is always a wonderful day and this year was no different as White Mountain students and faculty headed out into the community to volunteer for various organizations. They helped to build and maintain hiking and biking trails, clean up local rivers, plant gardens, split and stack wood, and get the Frost Place and Copper Cannon Camp cleaned up and ready for a busy summer among many other helpful tasks! Many of our local organizations rely on the volunteer help our School provides on this day. Here is some of what they had to say about how beneficial it is:

“It is always a productive and fun day when the White Mountain group comes to help at The Rocks and at Bretzfelder Park. We split and delivered seven cords of wood which the Forest Society sells in order to help keep the property financed. We also heat with wood so the seven cords that was split, moved and stacked here is very important. The students and teachers ended up doing 78 hours of volunteer work here at The Rocks.”  – Nigel Manley, Director, The Rocks

dsc_0907“Thanks to the help of the White Mountain School volunteers, we were able to completely ready The Frost Place for our opening day on Saturday, May 26! The students and faculty volunteers helped us clean and set up the Henry Holt Barn, clear trees and debris from the poetry trail, organize the storage shed, and set up pictures throughout the museum. It was a treat to have them, and we truly appreciate all their hard work!” – Maudelle Driskell and Paige Roberts, The Frost Place

“Their many accomplishments outside consisted of putting bark mulch underneath our climbing structures and raking them out, pressure-washing the exterior of the building, preparing new soil for future planting. Indoor jobs included washing all students desks and chairs, sweeping floors, washing windows and creating posters for one of our upcoming fundraisers. We look forward to White Mountain’s Community Service Day because the volunteers always put in hard work and leave our center looking fresh and clean.” – Jo-Ann Stander, Executive Director, The Franconia’s Children’s Center

The White Mountain students who helped at Copper Cannon were wonderful! They had to be the best team yet and a fantastic representation of the school. Being a free summer camp for low income youth, Copper Cannon’s project list is always longer than hours in the day. Each summer, hours are spent not focusing on our core mission, but cleaning and repairing the winter storm damage. Having an enthusiastic crew of a dozen White Mountain students and faculty jumping in with both feet is a huge boost to our facility. When I talk with the group before they start, a quick math lesson helps them realize that their five hours multiplied by the number of participants are equivalent to almost two weeks of my time. ” – Pete Christnacht, Executive Director, Copper Cannon Camp

dsc_0869These testimonials show how beneficial the work done on Community Service Day is for many of our local organizations and it benefits our students and faculty as well. Dorothy Height wrote, “Without community service we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.” In reflecting on what she gained from the day of service, Maya Wexler ’21 shared, ”  I think Community Service Day is beneficial to our community because not only do we get to go outside and do hands-on work, but we also get to help others out along with it. We get the great feeling of knowing that because of the work we did in a few hours, we are really helping out the community around us.”

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