Donor Profile: Sue Tracy Moritz ‘56

It’s My Turn

First we supporimg_2474ted my husband’s alma mater, then we gave to our children’s….now it’s my turn.  This refrain, “it’s my turn” was a strong voice in my head five years ago and it coincided nicely with a visit from The White Mountain School in which they described a project of interest to me. To this day I look back on my time at the School with nostalgia and appreciation. Education has always been important to my family and we believe strongly in giving back.

Five years ago, White Mountain was raising money to restore the Formal Garden.  Having fond memories of the garden, I was interested in supporting this project, but before doing so I had some questions… about the academic program, the student body, the faculty, the physical plant, and the School’s financial stability.  I wanted to know more about White Mountain’s mission and vision, and its ability to move forward with both. Satisfied with what we learned, my husband (Charlie) and I were pleased to give a leadership-level gift to support the garden restoration project.

My reconnection with my alma mater was sparked by the garden project but has since deepened. Each year I’ve seen the School set high expectations and work hard to achieve them. The White Mountain School is doing interesting and important work in the world of education, students are thriving, admissions are strengthening, and the facilities are being cared for. Ever since my reconnection, we have been pleased to give an equivalent or higher gift to the School dividing our support between the annual fund, capital projects, and the endowment. Our annual giving recognizes the good work being done today for White Mountain students. Our capital and endowment gifts are our way of telling White Mountain that we also believe in and want to support the School’s future.

Believing in the importance of cultivating young donors, we financially challenged the School to find ways to encourage the next generation of philanthropic support. They responded with the Young Leaders giving program and a more robust Senior Gift program. We hope these programs will continue to grow and provide support for White Mountain in the years to come.

Charlie and I are proud to be a part of the current and future success of The White Mountain School. I am glad that when my turn came, we could invest in a small educational institution that is deeply meaningful to me and one with which I could partner in giving back.


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