Empty Your Pockets for Houston

hurricane-harvey-2Grace Tamlyn ’18 saw the devastation of Hurricane Harvey first hand. She lives just outside of Houston in Katy, TX and while she and her family feel lucky to have stayed dry and out of harm’s way, many of her friends and neighbors were not so fortunate. Now that Grace has returned to White Mountain for her senior year, her hometown and the people who live there are very much on her mind. Here is a portion of Grace’s Morning Reading in which she describes what she felt as she experienced Hurricane Harvey and introduces Empty Your Pockets for Houston, an initiative that she and English Teacher Jacob Northcutt hope will help a lot of her friends and neighbors in Texas.

“As I went through the week wondering when I could get my next flight out of Texas, there were families holding trash bags full of their most valuable items. To me, this was emotionally tolling seeing my friends and distant family go through this. But, through all this I personally feel very grateful that my house and family stayed safe through this terrible disaster. Although my dad’s office did have part of the roof torn off, that is nothing compared to what some of these families are facing. That being said, my family is safe, we are dry, and we feel blessed in a time like this that someone or something was looking out for us. 

“Many people are getting to return to their homes and begin renovating. This includes things like tearing up the floorboards, taking out the installation in the walls, and moving furniture out to the trash. All of this is a lot of work and a lot of money. Because I can not be there to volunteer my time, I think it would be amazing if we could AS A COMMUNITY COME TOGETHER TO SUPPORT MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY IN HOUSTON. Jacob and I have been thinking about a food drive and a change drive, Empty your pockets for Houston. This week we will put out change and food boxes in the main building and you will have the opportunity to help support the relief/recovery in Houston.

“In times of need, I have never failed to see this community strive to help others. I hope you will join me this week in supporting my other home back in Texas.” 

Thanks for sharing your story, Grace and empty those pockets everyone!

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