Inquiry, Innovation and Impact Lab

Construction is well underway in the creation of White Mountain’s Inquiry, Innovation and Impact Lab and Associate Head of School for Teaching and Learning, Mike Peller is excited to see what great ideas this lab will inspire students and faculty to pursue this fall!

“The Inquiry, Innovation and Impact Lab will encourage students to courageously pursue new and interesting lines of thinking. In bringing ideas to life and turning the hypothetical into the actual, students will be inspired to live and grow into their creative, intellectual and empathic potential. By embracing student-driven inquiry as the central tenant to our learning, White Mountain students, through the questions they have asked and solutions they have created, come to understand they can and will have a positive and compassionate impact on the myriad communities in which they live, as well as themselves. The Inquiry, Innovation and Impact Lab will do more than remove barriers; it will expand what is possible.”

The Lab is a welcomed and exciting change for not only students, but alumnae/i who are continuously involved in the forward momentum of The White Mountain School. Lead donor of this project, Dine Webster Dellenback ’53, P’84 and former trustee believes strongly in creating opportunities for students to pursue science learning at her beloved school.

“The Inquiry, Innovation and Impact Lab is a wonderful way to honor Tim Breen and Julie Yates for the many years they have served at The White Mountain School as well as providing a much needed, forward thinking Lab in which innovative research and teacher training can occur. My husband, Bob, devoted his life to science and scientific research and one of our earlier gifts to St. Mary’s-in-the-Mountains was a Wang computer, now a dinosaur of computers. The Geraldine W and Robert J. Dellenback Foundation challenge grant to the Lab was a way for me to honor Bob’s memory by providing for future science learners and explorers at my alma mater, a School that has changed so many lives over the years, including my own.

This exciting project will be completed by September 2. We are all thrilled to see how this Lab will impact current and future White Mountain students. Stay tuned for more photos and updates as we near completion in the fall.


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