Lawrence Alexander Featured in NAES Publication

alexanderlLawrence Alexander P’20, Director of College Counseling and Diversity of Diversity & Inclusion, was recently featured in Niches, a donor communication sent out by the National Association of Episcopal Schools. Lawrence wrote about his own personal experience, as well as the experience of many White Mountain students, of living on a diverse campus in a significantly less diverse community. Lawrence writes:

“Northern New Hampshire is an incredibly warm and supportive community, but it lacks racial and ethnic diversity. The work we do around Diversity and Inclusion at our school is critical, because our students leave our diverse campus and encounter the beauty and burden of being the sole representative of their ethnic, racial, or religious background. No task in our external community is easy when you’re the only member of your underrepresented group. Doing community service at the local Boys & Girls Club, shopping at the local Walmart, or eating at the local restaurant, become a labor of educational love for many of our students. They’re students on-campus and teachers off-campus.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.


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