Reflections from MLK Day

mlkblogCommunities Seeking Justice: A Call to Action

Each year, White Mountain observes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day through a series of workshops, discussions, speakers and films. This year, the focus of the events held on campus was “Communities Seeking Justice: A Call to Action.”

The day began with keynote speaker, Sebastian Fuentes, who works as an activist with the American Civil Liberties Union New Hampshire chapter. Sebastian shared his story about the path to becoming a US citizen with the community, leaving a lasting impact. After the Sebastian addressed the community, students and faculty members led the community in a series of workshops which included Why Lives Matter, Caravans and Cages: Communities Under Siege, March for our Lives: A Year Later, Justice in our own Hands, and Intersectional Feminism.

After the program, we sent sent out an email collecting thoughts and reflections from the day. Dozens of beautiful responses and notes piled in quickly. Below are just a few excerpts of many:

What was the most memorable part of the day?

“Watching Angel perform her spoken word piece. The room was so still as she bravely shared her words with the community.”

“Having our Keynote Speaker come to our workshop and contribute some fascinating insight and personal details that I would have never thought.”

“Creating many meaningful pieces of art, contributing to a bigger cause.”

“The most memorable part of my day was seeing everyone in my group get excited to answer questions or add their ideas and input to the conversation.”

“The most memorable part of my day was leading the workshop and hearing my classmates ideas on the criminal justice system. Hearing them talk about some of the steps they will take to make our world a better place continues to encourage me to fight for the injustice.”

What was your biggest take-away?

“The White Mountain School is an amazing community. Every member of our community contributed to the vibrant quilt of justice and diversity we weaved yesterday.”

“I left feeling really positive about the current climate of our student body. Everyone seemed genuinely engaged in the conversations throughout the day and dedicated to making White Mountain and the greater world a better place.”

“My biggest take away was when Lawrence reminded us that although we talked about many injustices today, what we learned should be carried to how we conduct ourselves tomorrow.”

“My biggest take-away was that “courageous conversations” are important to strengthen our community and in the right environment they can be rich and enlightening.”

What do you value most about White Mountain’s MLK Day program?

“A moment to pause and think about life beyond our beautiful campus.”

“The small sessions. Whether they are movies or workshops – bringing it down to a small group level for most of the day is terrific.”

“I value all of the work that goes into preparing the workshops and lessons. I love the diversity and inclusion aspect of it, and I enjoy the fact that we are focusing on continuing Dr.King’s work in celebration, instead of just taking the day off.”

“I valued the participation of everyone in the morning session. I love that these conversation can be had among students, lead by students!”

“The thing I value most about White Mountain’s MLK Day program is that it gives underrepresented groups a voice. It allows us to share our feelings and thoughts with others in a constructive and academic way. I also value that our school’s program utilizes ally-ship and that we have people who are of the majority, willing to speak up on our behalf. It is very encouraging.”

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