Spring Field Courses

Field Courses at The White Mountain School demonstrate our commitment to learning outside the classroom. Students at White Mountain immerse themselves in week-long, off-campus Field Courses each semester. These unique experiences allow in-depth, academic exploration of a specific topic in an authentic setting. Each Field Course provides an incomparable opportunity for students to explore and develop interests and passions beyond the walls of the traditional classroom.


“Field Courses allow students to follow new or developing interests and passions into a
specific field of study for a week-long intensive program. The power of spending time
learning and bonding as a co-learning community for a week deepens connections
with both the academics covered in their course and also with their peers.” – Ted Teegarden, Director of Outdoor Education

This week, Field Courses met to go over their course syllabus and begin preparations for their departures on March 4. Courses will go far and wide this spring from exploring social justice in the Dominican Republic to avalanche science in the snowy mountains of Idaho.

Spring Field Course Offerings:


Green Living in the Urban World: Sustainability and Service in Montreal

Leadership in the Natural World: Practical Applications of Leadership and Communication

Intersectional Feminism: An Examination of Gender, Power, and Race

Maine Coast Independent Student Project

The Physics of Climbing

Winter Photography in The White Mountains

Buddhism and Mindfulness: The Study and Practice

Economics: A Case Study Through the Ski Industry

Ekphrastic Exercises in Art and Writing

Avalanche Science and Education: Exploring the Mountains of Idaho

Exploring the Culture and Social Justice in the Developing Caribbean Nation of the Dominican Republic

Read full Field Course descriptions here.

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