White Mountain’s LASR Symposium

LASR projects at The White Mountain School provide students with the opportunity to focus in on a topic of their choosing related to either Leadership, Arts, Service or Research. These general categories demonstrate the range of projects that students choose to undertake.

This program is White Mountain’s way of saying that passion matters, and that we know each and every student has a spark that we want to help kindle, a fire we want to help focus. Each project starts with a question, and students pursue that question throughout the course of the semester.

Research behind college success clearly shows a correlation between student success,  curiosity and engagement in their learning. These are skills our LASR project helps to develop. In addition to writing a paper, each year students present their findings to the White Mountain community, much like a college thesis. This past week, students presented at our Semi-Annual LASR Symposium. The topics ranged from exploring the morality of self-driving cars, to mental heath considerations for law enforcement officers. Below is a list of eight out of the twenty-five presentations given on Tuesday:

  • “Women of Color in Politics” – Mariama Lemon
  • “Living in the Red Tide: The Animal’s Perspective” – Rosie Bailey
  • “Art and Expression: Using Sports as a Muse” – Chance Lee
  • “Epigenetics: Its Effects on Behavior and Disease” – Johanna Clement
  • “The Benefits of Stem Cells” – Leo Porter
  • “Mental Health in Law Enforcement” – Emani Gonzalez
  • “A Secret Method to Gain Strength With Minimum Effort and Time” – Kevin Zhang
  • “Understanding Helmet Safety Within Bikeshare Programs” – Evelyn Thompson

Watch the presentations online here by entering the password “@WMS2019

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