Field Course Highlight: The Future of Journalism

Where is the best place to learn about Buddhism?  What about Marine Biology?  Community governance?  At White Mountain, we don’t believe that the classroom is the only place to learn, and our Field Courses demonstrate our commitment to this. The best place to learn about a subject is in an environment most conducive to understanding it.

This past spring students traveled to places including: the mountains of Idaho to learn about avalanche and snow science, Montreal to study sustainable living and The Dominican Republic to work with a foundation dedicated to social justice. One course, The Future of Journalism: A Multimedia Exploration, examined the rapidly evolving industry of journalism and explored the direction in which it is heading.

“In this new age of ‘fake news’, it is more important now than ever to have powerful storytellers and an engaged and discerning audience,” comments faculty leader Eliot Taft. “Students were able to not only immerse themselves in the environment, but also to choose the way in which they wanted to engage with the material.” After visiting New Hampshire Public Radio, The Concord Monitor, Lyndon State College’s Electronic Journalism Department and WCAX in Burlington, students put into practice what they had learned and wrote their own story after exploring the community of Burlington, Vermont.

“I think the highlight of our trip had to be our final day when we watched students present the nonfiction stories they had worked on all week” said Eliot. “We had students tell a variety of stories through a number of different mediums.  Some wrote articles on their visits to the different broadcast stations; some created photo essays about their favorite stores in Burlington, while others made movies about Bernie Sanders’ influence in Vermont.  It was fantastic to watch!”

The White Mountain School has dedicated its academic curriculum to stimulate student inquiry and engagement.  Oftentimes, students further pursue passions inspired by Field Course in other areas like their LASR project. Learn more about our Field Courses and LASR here.

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