The College Process

How do I create a college list? How can I best prepare for the SAT? Should I take AP Calculus or AP Physics?

These questions and others become quite familiar to juniors as they navigate the 500 or so days before college. Our college counseling program provides answers to many of the questions students have as they figure out life after high school.

“The college really process begins freshman year. Freshmen take advantage of the time to explore interests that will be of use later in college and career guidance. Sophomore and juniors take the PSATs and prep courses. Seniors work to refine their college essay and complete their applications.” comments Director of College Counseling Lawrence Alexander.

A number of resources are readily available for students and their parents:

  • College list and visit planning
  • Individual and group counseling with our Director of College Counseling
  • College essay writing practice in English class
  • SAT/ACT prep courses
  • SAT II exam preparation
  • AP exam preparation
  • Course planning with advisors and our Director of College Counseling

Because we are a college-prep boarding School, we not only prepare students for college success, but also to become independent, curious learners. By incorporating inquiry and our Essential Skills and Habits into the classroom and school culture, our curriculum aligns well with academic and college success.

“Lawrence and the college counseling department offered insightful perspective throughout the whole process. His support was evident and his honesty helped me decide which college would be best for me!” comments Sarah Abbott, a senior. Sarah will be attending Bates College in the fall.

Be sure to check out our college counseling page and College Day blog post more information on our college program sets itself apart.

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