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The process of beginning to research boarding school options can be overwhelming. Schools come in a wide range of sizes, have varying academic programs, as well as co-curricular offerings, and are located all over the world. So, how does one even begin to form a list of schools to inquire at?

Luckily, there are a number of helpful resources available for families interested in pursuing boarding school opportunities. Boarding School Review is a popular search engine that supplies overviews of schools throughout the United States and also includes some international listings. Each school provides its own information to ensure accuracy, and the listing also can include alumni reviews, pictures, and videos.

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) website has an excellent “Find A School” feature. This page allows you to browse individual schools and create simple lists of schools based on size, gender, or specific programs. Additionally, the “Guided Search” feature offers to narrow your search based on more refined search criteria. These searches enable you to browse schools based on anything, from support programs to distinct sports and clubs each school offers. You can also search by size or location.

Admissions Quest is another valuable site for families who are just beginning the process. In addition to providing accurate information about a wide range of schools, Admissions Quest also has comprehensive blogs about the admission process and is a prime source for articles pertaining to schools and education.

Despite the abundance of resources available, some families may find navigating the ocean of school choices too daunting to tackle on their own. Such families that seek additional help and support often call on the expertise of an Educational Consultant. These professionals have invested time to visit all the schools they recommend and work directly with Admission Offices to understand the kind of student each school seeks. After an initial meeting, a consultant creates a personalized list of schools to fit all your wants and needs. Consultants serve as strong advocates for families throughout the admission process. Likewise, they are a familiar resource to Admission Offices for expediting the admission process by answering any remaining questions about their candidates. For a list of consultants in your area, view the Independent Educational Consultants Association website at

Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out directly to boarding school admission officers! We are happy to help answer questions about the process, whether or not you decide to apply and ultimately enroll in our schools. Our office is also now offering LiveChat in the admission section of our website. It’s easier now than ever to connect and ask questions!

—Brad D’Arco
Director of Admission

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