Student Ambassadors: EJ Rimerman ’19

At White Mountain, we care deeply about showcasing the accomplishments of our students here on campus. A few times a month we include some words from our Student Ambassadors – students who make time to help with Admission tours. In this week’s post, our Student Ambassador EJ Rimerman ’19 writes about his experience with Winter Athletics at White Mountain.

I’ve done rock climbing for a few years now, so I immediately signed up for ice climbing when I found out it was a winter sport option that White Mountain offered! I’d previously heard bits and pieces about the sport and wanted to try it out if the opportunity ever presented itself. Ice climbing is kind of mystical and mysterious in the climbing world. Fewer people do it because there’s only one season for it and the gear is completely different. 

On the first day of practice, I bundled myself up in plenty of warm clothes (including five pairs of gloves). I was ready to climb! Although a warm winter, we all had plenty of climbing time last year. We climbed at Secret Stash in Franconia Notch, at the Flume, at Frankenstein Cliff and other places. My favorite experience on the ice climbing team was actually the last day, when we trekked out to Frankenstein for a few hours. The days had started to get longer, giving us much more time. I was able to get in three climbs, one of them being twice the length than normal. The views from the top were amazing, looking out over Crawford Notch.

I’m ice climbing again this winter for my second year. The team has grown significantly since last year, and I’m super excited to get back out there and push my limits!

Learn more about ice climbing and other winter sport offerings at White Mountain here.

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