Student Ambassadors: Julia Bews ’17

At White Mountain, we care deeply about showcasing the accomplishments of our students here on campus. We believe the best way for potential families to learn about a school is to have access to the student experience.  A few times a month we include some words from our Student Ambassadors – students who make time to help with Admission tours. In this week’s post, our Student Ambassador Julia Bews ’17 writes about her experience as a day student here at White Mountain.

I’ve been a day student at the White Mountain School for four years. Over the years, the school has increasingly felt like my second home. Ever since freshman year, I have been encouraged to stay on campus to hang out with friends and faculty members. There are always fun and engaging activities to do. I often spend time at school after sports, and on the weekends as well. I’m always welcome on campus and never feel like I’m intruding.

I remember there was an ice storm my sophomore year, and the roads were too slippery to drive home. My teachers and friends insisted that I stay in the dorm that night, and I was accepted into the residential space with the warmest welcome. That night, I didn’t feel like lived ten minutes from campus. I felt like I lived right there, in that dorm, surrounded by my peers.

I have a lot of friends in the dorm that welcome me into their rooms to hang out during our free time. It’s really nice to be able to spend time where they live, but also to take them off campus to see my house and my family. I enjoy being able to bounce back and forth from my house to school, feeling equally comfortable in both environments. It is a warm and welcoming community, and I am happy to be a part of it.

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