Student Ambassadors: Julia Crocker ’18

At White Mountain, we care deeply about showcasing the accomplishments of our students here on campus. We believe the best way for potential families to learn about a school is to have access to the student experience. A few times a month we include some words from our Student Ambassadors – students who make time to help with Admission tours. In this week’s post, Student Ambassador Julia Crocker ’18 writes about her experience growing as a student leader here at White Mountain.

You recently became a proctor in Carter dorm. What has that experience been like for you?

Last year, I worked with my advisor Jen to discuss ways I could work on developing my leadership skills. This opportunity to become a proctor in Carter came up midyear this year. I applied and got it! As a proctor in Carter I am responsible for checking off dorm jobs and doing room inspection, but proctors also act as a support system for girls in the dorm, plan dorm activities and model positive behavior. I have had amazing proctors every year at WMS who have always been so helpful–that inspired me to want to be a proctor for other students.

Could you talk a little about developing your own Field Course? How did your interest in nutrition help set the stage for that and your upcoming LASR project?

I have been interested in nutrition and human anatomy for a while because of the importance my family has put on it and the conversations I have had with them about it. I also love Field Courses and learning about nutrition. All of this influenced my decision to lead a field course about nutrition for my LASR project. Right now I am in the research and planning process but I will be co-leading a Field Course next year with a faculty member, which I’m really excited about.

How do you approach tasks, both in and out of the classroom, to ensure your success?

When I came to WMS I had never played soccer or climbed before. It was little overwhelming at first, but I pushed myself, and I am very happy I did because I love those sports now and have signed up to play them every year. I often take a similar approach to tasks and problems I encounter–I push myself to do them with confidence. The teachers and my peers at WMS are very supportive so I know if I struggle then I have people to get advice and encouragement which is really helpful.

Do you have any thoughts or reflections as you approach your senior year? Are you looking forward to or excited about anything in particular?

I can’t believe I am going to be a senior next year. It feels like it has gone by really fast! There are a lot of things I am excited about: completing my LASR project, taking new classes and applying to college. I started looking at colleges a little this year and have had a number of meetings with our Director of College Counseling, Lawrence, so I am excited about the process and how it will turn out. I feel like I will be prepared to graduate next year and am excited to go on to college, but I am going to miss the people at WMS a lot.

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