Summertime News and Views from the Admission Office

Graduation is upon us, exams are just about finished and at our Morning Meeting, the chair of the English department read “The Places You’ll Go” to the school. The end of the school year is as much about finishing as it is about starting. For those of you thinking about starting at a new school for the 2016-17 school year, the summer can be a great opportunity to get started.

First and foremost, take care to finish the school year in good fashion. The final weeks of the term can seem to drag or become overwhelming. Take the time to really focus on your academic plan. Do not allow yourself to take it easy because it is almost over…this is the time to grab every extra point you can to bolster your transcript! This is also a great time to talk to your teachers about what your future academic plans might be, they can be an incredible resource in helping you select courses for next year or give you a great idea for a summer plan. Teachers can write stronger letters of recommendation if you take the time to share your goals with them.

Once you wrap up your school year, take some time to refresh and relax. A step away from the rigors of academics can allow you to consider things differently. Sometimes in the middle of a class, you don’t have the perspective of what you really enjoyed about the subject or the teacher. As you take the time to consider school, have conversations with your parents or older siblings about what you are really enjoying about your school experience. Start to jot down lists of things that really matter to you about your education. If you have a connection to one school you really like, make notes about what it is you actually like. There is for sure a “vibe” at every school, but the more concrete examples you give yourself, the easier your school search will become.

Consider taking some summer visits to different schools. Perhaps you have a list of 20 boarding schools. Just seeing the campuses may help you narrow that list. While summer visits can be challenging as many campuses do not have students to give the school life, there is still a lot to be learned. Do you like the size of the dorm rooms? Does the size of the school fit your needs? What co-curricular offerings do they have? Admission offices look forward to hearing from students over the summer and love to chat about what their school brings to the table.

Finally, make sure to keep an eye on the school web sites in early August. Many of the boarding schools will have updated Open House dates and intended travel schedules for their staff. Use these dates to help make a good plan for fall visits. The fall is a busy time at your own school, so proactive planning in the summer will allow you to get to all your potential new schools more easily.

Looking for your next school is exciting! Oh the places you’ll go….

Sarah Catlin
Senior Associate Director of Admission

Director of Financial Aid