Taking the Next Steps: Interviews, Applications & Financial Aid

We just wrapped up a fantastic Open House weekend at WMS! While the beauty of being a small school is that every visit is individualized, it is really fun to have a large group of future students, current students and faculty/administrators get together and talk about what makes The White Mountain School unique.  I have written in the past of my belief in the value of boarding school in general. However, each school sets themselves apart in how they define and create their academic program, community and co-curricular offerings. Open House is an opportunity for schools to celebrate those programs for their guests. For more information on how WE define ourselves, I encourage you to catch up on our weekly podcasts here.

Open House also kicks of the season of “next steps”.  Families have started to create lists and narrow choices. As the holiday season approaches, so does the season of interviews and applications! If you haven’t yet, please reach out to Cindy Silver (cindy.silver@whitemountain.org or 603.444.2928 ext. 219) to set up your Skype or on campus interview! You can also kick off the application process by using one of several common applications most boarding schools use by checking out our How to Apply page.

Finally, for many families the sticker shock of boarding school can stop all progress in its tracks. I strongly encourage families that are considering boarding school and worried about cost to complete the process! Don’t dismiss an opportunity before you have all the details. Students on financial aid at most boarding schools is somewhere between 40-50%. Financial Aid is a huge part of the admission process and at The White Mountain School we don’t accept students we can’t support. Financial Aid is actually calculated by the School and Student Services of the National Association of Independent Schools. By filling out this application one time here, families will receive financial offers from all schools they indicate in their online file. Many families also qualify for a fee waiver from the sssbynais.org site. The helpline is extremely responsive and the only people who review your financials are financial aid professionals. Follow the directions on our page Tuition and Financial Aid.

We look forward to getting to know our future students! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can provide any support with YOUR next steps.

By Sarah Catlin, Associate Head of School for Admission and Enrollment

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