Alumnae/i Update: Kyllan Gilmore ’08

This year’s graduation speaker is Kyllan Gilmore ’08. An attorney in the DC area, Kyllan specializes in intellectual property law and is a Young Alumnae/i Trustee for White Mountain. Kyllan grew up in Littleton NH, and attended WMS as a day student. Kyllan attended Cornell University in Ithaca NY and Georgetown Law in Washington DC. Kyllan joined the DC office of Winston & Strawn, LLP as a litigation associate this past year. Read more about him and other updates in this year’s issue Echoes.

“I’ve always been cursed with the burden of diverse interests so I spent a lot of time at Cornell trying to discover what I was going to do. I wanted to pursue something that allowed me to attend to all those diverse interests – math and science, philosophy and international relations – and patent law allowed me to dabble in all those things.” As a litigation associate in the patent law office at Winston & Strawn, Kyllan works with clients to develop patent systems that will both achieve economic and technological advancement while bettering the human condition.

Kyllan credits White Mountain with exposing him to the varied interests that drive him today. “As a 4-year day student from Littleton, I wasn’t exposed to particularly diverse backgrounds until I came to White Mountain. The White Mountain School’s unique ability to not only bring people together from around the world in a school setting but to also force students to engage with each other on a personal level through Field Courses and a quality community life program are opportunities that you just don’t get anywhere else. Even as a day student, I was integrated into that global community. It’s kind of hard to be a member of the White Mountain community and not try new things.”

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