Caleb ’92 and Morgan ’96 Weinberg

Caleb ‘92 and Morgan ‘96 Weinberg love to ski. They got their start on the slopes of Cannon Mountain, found encouragement here at WMS, and moved on to live in Crested Butte, CO, home to some of the best extreme skiing in the world.

Skiing went from hobby to business when Caleb’s contracting work began to dry up and the two brothers decided to build skis in Caleb’s garage as a fun side project. “No one wanted houses built so we decided, let’s build skis,” Caleb told The Crested Butte News. “I was just really slow, I had time.”

When they finally got the skis out on the mountain, it became a different story. Their first-time ski-building experiment had produced a responsive, versatile ski that floated in powder and carved well on freshly groomed snow. Emboldened by their success, they made a few more pairs and gave them to friends, who all loved them, and eventually donated some of their skis to local ski shops. Again and again, people loved their skis. “Caleb and I are pretty much self-taught when it comes to ski building,” says Morgan, “and it has been a difficult process to master.” But master it they did. The response to their skis was overwhelmingly positive. So, why not turn it into a business?

Today, the Weinbergs’ company, ROMP Skis, is known for making fully customizable, quality skis at an affordable price. They work with each customer on an individual basis, precisely tailoring their skis to the needs and skill level of the client, and then apply custom graphics so that every ski is unique. Their skis are also made with a sustainable poplar core, making them environmentally friendly.

Morgan Weinberg says, “The most rewarding thing for me is making a breakthrough in our building process that allows us to improve the skis we are making. I’m also stoked when someone skis up to me in the lift line on a pair of Romps and tells me how much fun they are having on their skis.”

“WMS made me think that I should ski every day. Not always helpful from a career perspective, but it has shaped where I live and what I do. At ROMP, we don’t ski every day, but when it snows we are definitely up on the hill. Another thing I got from WMS is that sports are mandatory. It’s hard to get motivated to go mountain biking or skiing after work sometimes. At WMS, I learned that no matter how crappy I feel or how bad the skiing or weather is, after I few minutes of fresh air, I feel better having gotten out and done something than if I just hit the couch.”

What Caleb and Morgan do is representative of WMS’s outdoor program at its very core: get outside, have some fun, learn something about yourself and the people around you, and when you go back inside, take all you learned and felt with you.

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