Second Semester Activities

Hi WMS Families!

As we wrap up a whirlwind week here on campus, I have attached, as usual, the weekend calendar of events. While the last week of the term is always busy for students, the week that follows is typically the busiest one for teachers: finishing up grading, writing class and advisor comments and, for many, beginning to teach new semester courses. Despite the whole community’s high level of academic output these last two weeks, the energy remains high and super positive on campus as we head into another weekend – the number of announcements made at morning meeting this morning about activities happening this weekend was truly amazing. There is so much to do!

Since a number of activities last weekend were canceled or modified due to the snowy weather, some popular weekend trips (outlet shopping and sushi) are being offered again this weekend. This weekend features the opening of the Ice Castle in Lincoln and we’ll be there. There are only 4 of these events across the US and we are excited to be able to share in this amazing spectacle right in our own backyard. The photos they’ve shared from this in the past are truly amazing. Tonight, students form the first semester’s Introduction to Theater class will be performing 2 acts from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in our black box theater. Students will also have the opportunity to see some unique (Memento) and thought-provoking films (Truth) throughout the weekend and the DIY Club is learning how to make their own candles on Sunday. For the sports fans, there is a home (at Profile School) WMS boys basketball game Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon features viewing of the AFC Championship football game between the New England Patriots and some other team.

This week, WMS played host to some visitors from the La Cite Ecologique of NH, an Eco-Village located in far northern NH (even farther than us!). Three students and a teacher spent this week living on campus and attending classes, activities and sports. This past fall some of our students spent a week at the Eco-Village as part of a Field Course in sustainable living. It was great to learn more about these folks and to have them experience some of what WMS has to offer. Thanks to Renee and the Sustainability Club for helping to organize these exchanges.

Next Friday, we will host our second Cultural Event of the year. We are excited to have the Mango Groove Steel Drum Band back on campus for a show on Friday night. This exciting and engaging group has performed on campus before and their wonderful Caribbean-inspired sound is always a great way to enjoy a frosty New Hampshire evening. They will also be doing workshops in the afternoon with some of our students. If you are interested in joining us for this performance and/or the Community Dinner that precedes it, please RSVP to Jessica.

Starting today, students will be signing up with their advisors for their Spring Field Course. I shared the course descriptions last week and we are really excited about the breadth of unique offerings our faculty (and Ted!) have worked to put together. These unique and engaging experiential courses are oftentimes the jumpstart for a student’s deeper inquiry into an area of study. They also are simply amazing group experiences that students carry with them long after they leave here. Once they have all signed up, the work of preparation for these courses will begin throughout the month of February.

I know that as many of you are reading this (or at least skimming it), snow is bearing down on a large section of the east coast of the US. While it seems likely this storm will miss us up here in New England, our best wishes for safely riding out the storm go out to all of you in the southeast, Ohio Valley, and the mid-Atlantic. Our skiers and snowboarders could likely put all that snow to better use up here than they will in, say, Washington, but, hey, we don’t get to make the weather (not yet anyway – that does sound like a great LASR project, though).

As always, let me know if you have any questions about anything happening up here. Have a great weekend!
– Nate

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