A Celebration of Service: Tim Breen and Julie Yates

dwp_wms_091412_1775On Thursday, June 7, The White Mountain School community of alumnae/i, parents, trustees and faculty gathered to celebrate the service of Tim Breen and Julie Yates at the Boston Public Library.

This event brought community members that span multiple generations who came to share stories in reunion. While sharing her experience as both a student and young trustee of White Mountain, Natalie Johnson ‘09 presented Tim and Julie with a gift that tells a story of their tenure at White Mountain in a photobook.

“Even in tough moments, Tim and Julie’s clear respect for students always shines through. I can remember a few examples of this from my own misbehavior, and I’m sure my classmates could supply more. I remember Tim’s calm, measured, collaborative problem-solving approach as Dean of Studies, as he tried to help me live up to my potential in some math class or another. I can remember getting in big trouble for coming in extremely late for dorm curfew–Julie followed up the very deserved consequence with handing me a brownie she had made. Tim and Julie always expect a lot of students, and give a lot of themselves.”

Over this past year, members of the White Mountain community have been bidding their farewells and well wishes to Tim and Julie as they prepare to embark on a new chapter. Upon departing campus after addressing the Class of 2018 in a commencement speech, Grace Ochieng ‘08 shared her gratitude to Tim and Julie:

“White Mountain continues to embody its many values that made it a special place for many of us ten years ago. A huge part of that is due to people like you two who are willing to invest in students regardless of their backgrounds, weaknesses and fears. Your advisees were so lucky to learn from you. I certainly can’t take your continued friendship and guidance for granted. Thank you so much!” 

While the entire White Mountain community will feel the absence of both Tim and Julie all over campus, we are incredibly excited for them as they take their joy and passion for education to Colorado. We are fortunate to have Julie continue her work with White Mountain as the Campaign Director this upcoming academic year.

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