Class Trips and Course Sign-Ups

Hi WMS Families,

Here is your first spring edition weekend update! While spring is still a bit slow in arriving here on campus, we did have a few days this week that were spring-like and I know it has been great for the lacrosse teams and a few others to be outside running around after a long winter.

I hope many of you got to spend some time with your WMS students over the recent school break and perhaps enjoyed a bit of vacation yourselves. It is exciting to be heading into the home stretch here on campus, with just nine weeks until graduation – and an awful lot of things to fit in there. Next week’s update will include a comprehensive look at the sometimes frenetic spring schedule, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

On the academic end, there are a few dates of note coming up worth mentioning now. This afternoon, we will be ordering AP Exams for students enrolled in AP classes. WMS expects students enrolled in AP courses to take the exams. Please let Shane know if you have any questions about this. The third quarter ends on April 10 with comments and grade reports then available the following Wednesday. The process of requesting courses for next year will start next week with the goal of finalizing drafts on April 17. We are very excited to be moving from paper to a new feature of MyWMS, which should allow parents to be even better informed in the process. By the end of next week, you will be able to see a tab on the Menu Bar that says Course Requests. Stay tuned for more details from Shane on that front. These are always exciting times as we balance focusing on the present while also excitedly planning for the future. That is life, right?

This weekend, after a lot of student work and advocacy, we have our first ever class trip day. On Sunday, each grade has a different activity planned as a group. The individual class representatives have done a great job putting these days together for their classes and we are very excited for this to be happening. Thanks to student council for pushing this through and also to Liz Moss who managed the incredibly complicated logistics around staffing and transportation. Hopefully, this is a tradition that will endure.

Perhaps less exciting, but important nonetheless, are two other classes that begin this week. Driver’s Education began last night and will continue 2-3 evenings a week until May 4th. Also this weekend, our SAT/ACT prep class begins with classes tonight and again on Sunday. Let me (Drivers Ed) or Ryan (SAT/ACT prep) know if you have any questions about either of these courses.

Have a great weekend!

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