Friday Fun: Mountain Day, Quiz Bowl, International Night and more!

Hi WMS Families,

I hope this weekend’s update finds you well. We are fresh off celebrating a wonderful Mountain Day (our surprise winter all school holiday) and heading quickly into the celebration of International Night tonight with a close eye on preparations for our upcoming Field Courses.

First a trivia question . . . Until a shortage due to World War II forced a change to vanilla, what was the original flavor of the filling in a Twinkie?  (answer at end).  This week was Quiz Bowl week at morning meeting!  Congratulations to the Day Students who persevered in the finals over a tough Carter team.  This dorm (and day student) competition goes back to at least the late 1970’s and was revived in 2009 when we unearthed the old plaque in the back of a deep dark closet.  It is always wicked fun.  Thanks to all the groups who participated!

This has been a very busy week on campus.  In addition to Quiz Bowl and the surprise of Mountain Day, this week also is the celebration of Lunar New Year, an incredibly important holiday for many of our students.  Yesterday also marked 100 days until graduation!  While not a major holiday (though perhaps it should be) – this is an important milestone, particularly for our seniors.  In addition to some cake and discussions of their graduation, we also use this time to remind them to continue being their best selves throughout the spring.  It is important to note that we continue to hold seniors to a high standard of behavior through the spring semester, and while I have no reason to believe it necessary, I also reminded them that our consequence model evolves to be more strict for seniors the closer we get to graduation.  Obviously this is a time of great excitement (and some sadness) for our seniors and we welcome your partnership as we work through their final months together.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about “senior stuff” as we head into the final stretch.

As noted, tonight is International Night here at WMS.  Students will be busy this afternoon preparing a wonderful array of food for the community to sample.  There will also be a wide variety of dance and musical performances as well, in addition to the always popular “dance-off”.  Hopefully, this weekend’s home basketball games (at Profile School) will not be affected by snow – though there is reportedly some more on the way.  This weekend is our Junior/Senior Lock-in where students spend Saturday night in the Main Building eating, playing games, watching movies, etc. . .  A big thank you to our social committee for putting this together and Liz and Ayaka for supervising!

Next Friday evening is our Winter Sports Awards ceremony.  Parents and families are invited to join us at this celebration of our winter sports season.  The Awards are at 5pm and a Community Dinner follows at 6pm.  Please RSVP to Betsie if you’d like to attend either, or both, of these events.

With my update next week, I will send out a list of Spring Field Courses along with basic itineraries and contact information.  We are really excited about these courses (as are students!).  Please let Ted know in the meantime if you have any questions at all about Field Courses or the schedule around them.

Thanks so much for all the travel plan info for our upcoming vacation.  If you have not yet connected with Betsie on this (particularly if your WMS student is flying, taking a bus/train, etc. . .  home for the vacation), please do so soon.  We also need to hear from you if your student is going anywhere other than home for the break or if you are hosting a student other than your own.  Thanks again for your partnership on this and ensuring that all of our students travel safely.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, and have an awesome weekend!


Trivia answer:  banana!

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