I Hope you Dance…at White Mountain

What are you passionate about? Some students enjoy the sciences, others are fascinated with language and written prose. For some, it is dance and the arts. Personally, I’ve always considered dance a beautiful art form of expression. A photograph of a dancer in a perfect arabesque is stunning display of both beauty and tension, and balance and strength. As someone once anonymously said, ‘Dance is a conversation between body and soul.’

Yet, dance is also a discipline, a discipline that requires time, effort, grit, perseverance and passion. It is hard work! To pursue a BFA in dance is a massive undertaking and one that requires courage. High school seniors usually have to audition and apply to both the dance and academic programs in order to be accepted into top tier dance programs at institutions like The Ohio State University and Temple University, two programs White Mountain senior Tori Breen has been accepted into and offered significant merit-based scholarships. An avid dancer, Tori comments on her time at White Mountain and how her passion for dance and dance choreography helped her develop the Creative Edge Student Choreography Project. The project ultimately allowed her to showcase her choreography at a state dance festival.

Over the past several years, as my interest in dance choreography developed, I wanted to share this interest at my home studio. The product was a program, Creative Edge Student Choreography Project, for interested high school seniors to be selected to choreograph for studio dancers and show their work at a local festival or studio performance.  I was eager to become the first participant in the project. In November, my piece, “Chess,” premiered at the Vermont State Dance Festival. For the studio, I am excited for the program to inspire student choreography even after I graduate. Already, younger dancers have expressed interest in making their own work.

Through the new Catherine Houghton Arts Center, located right here on White Mountain’s campus, the School is able to provide a space where students are able to pursue their passion in dance and develop programs that extend beyond White Mountain. The Center houses a professional dance studio and is also home to dance company, Creative Edge Dance Studio (CEDS). The excellent academic program at White Mountain also allows motivated art students to be competitive academically, often qualifying for merit-based scholarships at the college or university of their choice.

But, it goes beyond dance. Whatever your passion, you will have the opportunity and the resources to explore it here and make an impact, both locally and beyond. View more of our extracurricular activities here. Be sure to check out our latest podcast too: Dance, Drama and Arts at White Mountain.

Photo by: Alli Gaulin

By: Sarah Wilfred, Director of Communications

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