Mid-semester News:

Hi WMS Families,

Congratulations to our Robotics Team who had a great few days of competition out in Iowa! They had a few technical glitches early in the tournament, but overcame these to earn a spot in the quarterfinals yesterday afternoon. Sadly, their run came to an end with a 1-2 record in the quarters preventing them from attaining a spot in the finals.  We are so proud of their efforts and their great success at the national level!  We now wish them safe travels back to WMS as their flight last night was canceled due to bad weather in the mid-west and they are, as I send this, awaiting new flights home tonight.

This weekend, WMS plays host to our annual USA Climbing Sport Climbing Competition in our gym. This week, students and coaches in the climbing program stripped the entire wall of all holds and currently a team of three professional routesetters is putting up awesome new routes for this annual competition.  We are excited to host competitors from all across New England. We wish all of our sport climbers luck in their “home game” this weekend.

This Saturday is Project Block E (important to note that this has been listed incorrectly on a couple schedules). Here are a few snippets of the cool things happening in these unique blocks: Exploring Environmental Writing will be heading to Franconia Notch to write poetry and a short essay (pray for good weather) while Chemistry students will be studying the chemistry of baking, examining the differences between chemical and biological leavening agents and performing a lab investigation to determine the gluten content in different types of flours. In Geometry, Shane and his group will be making and using clinometers, with the help of trigonometry, to indirectly measure the height of objects.

The second mid-term closes this weekend. As I mentioned earlier, grades and teacher comments will be available via MyWMS next Wednesday. Field Course comments will also appear on reports this time around. Advisor comments will be available the following week (and also will be emailed to you by the advisor). Please let Shane or your child’s advisor know if you have any questions about these.

Family Weekend is coming up quickly! We look forward to seeing many of you on campus the weekend of May 8-9. Information about the schedule and signing up for Family Weekend will be sent out to families on Monday, so keep an eye out for this.  Any questions about Family Weekend can be directed to Sarah Catlin in the Admission Office.

We hope your student enjoyed their week of free laundry service from E&R – The Campus Laundry. I did see that many students took advantage of this offer! E&R provides these services at hundreds of boarding schools and colleges in the northeast and we are excited that E&R has agreed to bring their service to our campus for the 2015-2016 academic year. E&R will be sending you an email soon with a special early sign up offer.  We very much encourage you to check with your student about interest in this and take some time to look at the plans that E&R offers. If you have any questions about laundry service, feel free to reach out to Rob Constantine, Director of Finance and Advancement (rob.constantine@whitemountain.org).

Here is hoping the forecast holds true and some warmer springlike weather is on its way for next week! Even the skiers are ready for spring at this point. Have a wonderful weekend and let me know if you have any questions about anything going on here on campus.


PS A quick schedule note: The Boys Lacrosse game at Tilton tomorrow has been moved up to 2:30pm (was initially scheduled at 3:30). The team will depart WMS at 12:15 and return around 5:15.

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