Post-Field Course Update, Family Weekend, and Fall Break

Hi WMS Families,

Wednesday is our annual College Day.  Students in the 10th and 11th grade will be taking the PSAT.  9th graders will spend the morning doing team building exercises and some goal setting as they begin to explore how they want the next 4 years (and beyond!) to look for them.  12th graders will have focused time to work on their college essays with teachers and administrators, hear a presentation on interview skills and have an opportunity to schedule a mock college interview.

As a way to celebrate and highlight the day’s focus on colleges, Erik Bertelsen has also offered Light Blue/Dark Blue points for students and faculty who wear college gear on that day.  Go Dark Blue!

If you have not yet registered for the upcoming Fall Family Weekend and plan to join us, please take a moment to do that today.  This will help ensure that you are able to meet with all of your WMS student’s teachers and assists us with planning for events and meals.  You can see the full schedule and register online at our website.

Immediately following our Family Weekend is our short Fall Break.  The campus is closed from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon at 3pm.  Students are eligible to leave for the break following their last commitment on Saturday, October 11th.  For many students, that will be the ribbon cutting ceremony for the revitalized WMS Formal Garden on Saturday morning.  Both boys and girls soccer teams do have a 2pm game that afternoon so they will be on campus a bit longer.  If your child is going to be traveling by bus, train or plane (or require WMS transportation at any point) for this weekend, please send his/her travel plans to Jessica.  Boarding students should plan to return to campus Tuesday, October 20th between 3 and 7pm  (exceptions being those flying into Manchester in time for our 8pm bus or arriving in Littleton at 9:30pm via the Concord Coach bus).  If you have any questions at all about this break or travel, please let me or Jessica know.

As noted above, we hit the ground running with one final busy week leading up to Fall Break. As such, this weekend offers a chance to recharge, get caught up on sleep and work, and to enjoy the beautiful North Country at peak foliage.  Liz has the off-campus trips this weekend. She will be taking trips on Saturday to Evergreen for swimming and playing in their gymnastics space and to the local historic theater to see Meru. On Sunday, she is taking a bus to North Conway for shopping and to generally enjoy that beautiful town.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the Community Handbook acknowledgement last week.  If you have not yet done this, here is the link again.  Thanks so much for doing this!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I am AOD this weekend so let me know if you have any questions.


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