Spring is in the Air

I hope this weekend’s message finds you well. It appears that we might have a weekend without snow for the first time in a few weeks! Slowly awaiting the arrival of spring . . . .

Speaking of spring, students have signed up for their spring sports and excitement is building in preparing for this shift when we return from break. It is important for students to return from break with whatever gear, clothing and equipment they may need for spring sports. Some coaches may be in touch with parents about purchasing gear for students who may need it. As the seasons change, it is also a great time to bring home gear, clothing and equipment that is no longer needed. This will help ensure that everything might fit back in your car come May 30th! One exception to that could be ski/snowboard gear as interested students may still have some opportunities to use this the first few weekends we return (including an awesome trip to Tuckerman Ravine on Mt. Washington).

Upon return from break, we will start the parallel process of finishing the year strongly and thinking forward to next school year. Quarter 3 ends on April 10, the third week we return from spring break. Students will receive report cards and comments the following week. We will also start the process of selecting courses for next year during that 3 week period. Our hope is to use a new function in MyWMS that will allow course selection to take place online in a way that families can see the options and choices and be more a part of the conversation. Of particular note, we will working with rising Grade 10 and 11 students on thinking about LASR projects for the following fall.

As promised earlier, attached to this email is a list of our Spring Field Courses, along with contact information, lodging and basic itineraries for each trip. As in the fall, it is likely that student technology use will be non-existent or limited this week, so you will probably not hear from your student. Leaders will update the school periodically and we will send that info out as we get it. If you need to reach your student in an emergency, the best way to do that remains to contact the school and we will put you in touch with the faculty. During regular business hours, it is best to call the office (603-444-2928) and outside those hours, I will be on campus and carrying the AOD phone (603-616-1528) and my cell phone (603-616-2040).

This weekend, our Robotics Team heads to Concord, NH to compete in the NH/VT Championships. This is the beginning of their post-season and we wish them continued success with their robots! A few of our Field Courses (those going further afield) will leave on Saturday to begin their journeys. We have Project Block “C” on Saturday morning and a slate of activities that students can intermingle with their own Field Course preparations. This will probably be their last chance (I hope!) to build a really cool snow shelter with Hiapo until next year.

Looking further ahead, I wanted to put a reminder out about our Spring Family Weekend. This year, Family Weekend will take place the weekend of May 8-9 (even just saying “May” feels nice right now) and we’d love to see many of you here on campus for meetings with advisors, theater performances, an art show, our National Honor Society induction, athletic contests, college counseling meetings and hopefully an awesome senior talent show! More information will be forthcoming on registration and schedule, but we wanted to make sure you had this on your calendars!

A reminder to families interested in Driver’s Education that these materials (application, check and 2 copies of birth certificate) are due back to me by March 13th. Let me know if you have any questions on this.

As always, have an awesome weekend!


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