Summer Plans: Colin Lunetta ’18

As the summer comes to an end, Colin Lunetta ’18 discusses what he did this past summer in our last series post of the summer. Read more about his time at Camp Kabeyun below!

What are your summer plans? Could you speak a little about Camp Kabeyun, your time as a camper and your summer this year on staff?

I work at a summer camp for boys called Camp Kabeyun in Alton Bay, on Lake Winnipesaukee. I was a camper here for seven years and a junior staff member last year. This year, I’m running the camp’s ropes course which means facilitate campers through the camp’s high ropes course and some high ropes elements. I am also one of three cabin staff for the Eagles Cabin, which is a group of 10 boys that range from 13-15 years old and are mostly going into their freshman year of high school. The majority of my time is spent working with a specific group of 13-15 year old campers.

What do you hope to learn as a staffer that you’ll be able to bring back with you to school next year?

A large part of my job as a camp counselor is to make sure the campers have a positive experience. That includes both conflict resolution as well as cultivation of a positive group environment. My hope is that I can use what I have learned about creating positive group momentum at White Mountain as I begin my senior year. The most important thing that I have learned is that everything can be fun if you try hard enough.

One really cool thing (other than camp) that you have planned during your time away from WMS

Some of my coworkers and I get up early on our days off, and we try to accomplish a climbing objective before the midday heat sets in. We have done this almost every Wednesday for the entire summer and it feels awesome to get out in the early morning before the crowds of tourists set in.

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