Summer Plans: Wenyi Guo ’18

As the summer season begins, students and faculty embark on a whole new set of adventures outside of White Mountain. Senior Wenyi Guo talks about her summer plans to attend an intensive mathematics program below. Earlier this year Wenyi was one of only 500 students in the US to qualify for the 2017 USA Mathematical Olympiad. Read more about her success here!

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What are your summer plans?

This summer I plan to attend an intensive summer program that explores mathematics called the Ross Mathematic Program in Asia. The program is an intensive summer experience designed to encourage high school students to explore mathematics. I’m attending the five-week residential session focused on number theory.

Learn more about Ross Mathematics Program here!

What do you hope to learn or bring back with you to school next year?

I hope to learn a lot about number theory, work on problem sets and make more friends. I am looking forward to immerse in the world of mathematics and work on problem sets all day. Next year, I would like to teach and help answer problems that are related to math in class, especially number theory.

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