Teachers as Farmers: Cultivating Growth

As we embark upon the end of the school year, Head of School Tim Breen took some time to remind faculty of our WHY and read the following poem by Bettye Spinner and a post by Grant Lichtman that compared teachers to farmers. Learn more about our School and our mission of developing curious, courageous and compassionate learners here.

Harvest Home
Bettye T. Spinner

In the ideal
it is a harvesting,
this work we do—
a reaping of crops grown
from ancestral seeds,
a gathering of first fruit
from vines that trace their sources
beyond geography,
beyond gender,
beyond the bleach
and blush
and black of skin
and root themselves in watery grace,
in knowledge that nurtures us all.

In the ideal
our classrooms fill, like cornucopia,
overflowing with the bounty of our grange.
Life stories, heaped among the texts,
spill into hallways of our schools,
crowd the sidewalks or the subways
or ride yellow buses home,
altering the form of knowing,
changing heads,
changing hearts,
changing history,
bringing harvest

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