A New Beginning

This past month marked a new beginning for The White Mountain School and its mountain bike team. We had the honor and privilege of hosting more than 100 riders from 11 different schools in a race that ended a hosting hiatus. Although our mountain bike team has raced fairly consistently with the Northern New England High School Mountain Biking League (We were actually one of four schools at the first league race in 1998!), the last race we organized took place over a decade ago.

At White Mountain, we encourage our students to be engaged, and active participants in things that matter to them. Last year, a couple of the student bikers on the team asked if we could have a race on campus. With the league’s recent split into an east and west division, the possibility existed with an open slot in the race schedule this year. We signed up and our race was set! We came across the chance to host again because of our students, and their courage and willingness to ask. Change happened because of student engagement.

A week before the race, our community worked hard to clean up our campus to make a challenging and awesome course.  We worked on raking leaves off the trails (a tough battle considering the leaves were falling off the trees!), clearing debris and making short sections of new trails.  The trails that we used were a mix of some old and some new. We even asked and were able to use a trail or two on our neighbor’s land!

On race day, the campus looked great with fall foliage emerging here and there. We were excited to hear that many of the riders and coaches enjoyed seeing the race and experiencing the course. For many, it was their first time on our campus. The courage and curiosity of our students paid off. With a successful race under our belt, we hope to host again next year and for many years to come.

Be sure to check out more photos of the race and our campus here!

By: Gabe Boisseau, Science Faulty and Mountain Bike Coach

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