Authoring Art

A new series of art events comes to WMS this school year! Read on for details.
Local artist and musician Jason Tors is set to kick off this school year’s new “Authoring Art” series with White Mountain School visual arts teacher Linda D’Arco. Tors’ show, “All Day Breakfast” will open in the school gallery adjacent to the Great Hall on September 3.


Jason, an active member of the arts community in “NONO” (North of the Notch) also helps run The Loading Dock, a “DIY art and music space” in Littleton. His abstract acrylic paintings (close-up image above), which range in size from wall-sized canvases to the surface of broken skateboards, embody the unhindered spontaneity of pure creative exercise.


The works are heavily layered, include many different kinds of paint application, and sometimes incorporate elements of collage. They reference street art culture, but also rely upon rhythm and very thoughtful use of color. The paintings sing, and it is not hard to draw parallels between Jason’s musical talents and the work that will be on display at WMS through September 19. (Jason is the drummer in two local bands, Not Your MotherĀ and Hot Mess.)


Jason will be on campus for a special question and answer session with students on September 15, where they will engage in a dialog to learn more about his work through their own inquiries. Linda says, “It is important to me, and the culture of inquiry that continues to grow and build at WMS, that students find their own way to understand visiting artists’ work. Rather than lecture about their shows, each artist will sit before a crowd of students and speak only on the questions that are asked to them by the students. Jason jumped at the opportunity to participate. We’re both curious to see where the first session will lead us.”


In addition, Jason will host several workshops on campus alongside the show and coach participating members of the school community through a large-scale collaborative painting.


“All Day Breakfast” will carry viewers through Tors’ experience as an art student in college to his processes today. “We hope that an exhibit like this, that shares a portfolio of work built over time, will inform and inspire students about the growth of artists. Jason is helping us make that journey more concrete by sharing his story.”


And his story might be closer to home than WMS students initially realize. Jason, too, attended boarding school in New England (Suffield Academy, CT). Later, upon graduating from Skidmore College, he worked in New York City as a participant in the dot com boom, while also photographing street art, graffiti and urban decay. Jason moved to northern New Hampshire in 2001. -New Hampshire Council on the Arts


Of the new series of visiting artists to WMS Linda says, “I am thrilled to see this program come together for the community. In my experience, students have the most memorable learning events when they are able to engage closely with inspiring individuals who share their interests and provide professional insight into art making. Jason is a well known artist in the North Country, who gives very generously of his time and expertise. He is the right person to help us launch this new series.”


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