Baccalaureate 2013

Read the speeches of this year’s wonderful Baccalaureate speakers!
With only one day left before the school year ended and our wonderful class of 2013 moved on from The White Mountain School to bright futures, students, faculty and parents gathered to say farewell to our beloved senior class at the annual Baccalaureate ceremony. At the Bethlehem Hebrew Congregation, faculty, parents and students from every grade took the podium to give advice and wish our new graduates well.

Brian McGovern ‘13 used his speech to pay tribute to the students, teachers and traditions that truly set the WMS educational experience apart, wondering where else he could find a school where he was so strongly encouraged to be independent, make friends, be part of a community and have fun.

History teacher Paddy Foran took us all back to his own teenage years as a reluctant mountain climber led by his enthusiastic father. He congratulated the class of 2013 for reaching this “summit” in their lives, but reminded them that the upward climb is what makes the summit worthy, and that there will always be more summits waiting for them.

Rachael Moss ‘15 likened life to a sitcom, one that evolves and grows as the years go on, but never stops being exciting, hilarious, and downright heartrending. She advised the seniors and everyone else present to write their own scripts.

Freshman class president Ericia Bramwell ‘16 spoke about “The Freshman to Freshman Ratio,” reminding the Class of 2013 that, while they may be on top of the world now, they’ll soon be freshmen once again and Ericia was only too happy to share some helpful tips she’d learned over the course of her first year at WMS.

Kevin Lin ‘14 had just one question for his audience. “Do you know how amazing the Class of 2013 is?” Kevin certainly does, and he counts members of the class as his closest friends and greatest influences. He pointed out seniors who inspired him, who taught him, who kept him on track, and who helped to shape him as a person just by being there and leading by example.

Paula Mordini, mother of Katie Wolfe ’13, thanked WMS on behalf of the parents. She marveled at how quickly her daughter was growing as a person, and at how much of it had to do with our School’s dedicated faculty and warm atmosphere.

English and Theater teacher Barbara Buckley shared her own recent graduation experience from Plymouth State University. She acknowledged the students that have grown along with her over the years, told them about the feeling of emptiness and uncertainty they may feel after they receive their diplomas on graduation day, and advised them to push past that feeling and continue to learn, challenge themselves, and make themselves happy.

Sophia Grogan ’13 spoke about how much the members of her class have grown and matured over the years, from those first shaky steps in kindergarten to their tumultuous freshman year to their last days at WMS. She spoke about fear of the unknown, but also her confidence that this class of people who she’s grown to see as family over the years will continue to grow, change and adapt to whatever challenges life throws at them.

Thank you, Baccalaureate speakers, for your kind, inspiring and sometimes screamingly funny words. It means so much to hear the entire White Mountain School community, parents, teachers and students of all grades say such eloquent and touching farewells to our graduating class.

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