College Day!!!

White Mountain held its annual College Day last Wednesday and what a day it was! The entire campus was abuzz with scholarly excitement, as faculty members donned their college apparel and the entire student body participated in grade-level college preparation for the day. 9th graders worked on goal setting, while 10th and 11th grade students took the PSAT. With fast-approaching college deadlines, seniors worked on completing their applications for the upcoming admission season.

For the 9th graders, the prospect of setting goals in an academic context is both empowering and terrifying. With increasing competition in the college admission process, we recognize that 9th grade is no longer deemed as “too early” to prepare. The Class of 2020 took on the morning with cheer, culminating in the entire class creating a foundation, through resources like MyRoad on CollegeBoard, that explore their interests and will be used later this year for college and career guidance.

As much as we’d like for college admission to be a “test-free zone”, we understand that this is not the case and aim to prepare our students accordingly. In order to best prepare for the SAT, our 10th and 11th graders took and endured the PSAT with courage and confidence. When scores come back in late November, I will be excited to share the results with them and their parents as it will inform the next steps in their admission test preparation process.

For seniors, it was an intense morning. They spent the better part of three hours working on the Common Application, their essays, and college interview preparation, led by our faculty. Though rigorous, I believe the seniors were energized by the outpouring of support by faculty members, who were present to assist with essay revisions and interview feedback.

College Day highlighted the rigor of college preparation and richness of the White Mountain community. I am excited for the rest of the year, as we look to connect students with post-secondary institutions that nurture both their academic and social development.

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By Lawrence Alexander, Director of College Counseling

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