College Essays of WMS

Last week, four brave seniors were generous enough to share their college essays with us. Their stories were by turns funny, sweet, and heartfelt, and we’d like to share them with you too.
by Ryan Aldrich, Director of College Counseling

For many, the college essay is one of the most difficult parts of the application process. Its creation is evolutionary, beginning with a small incident or moment of personal growth and expanding into an incredible story. What started as an idea many months ago during their junior year burgeoned into colorful stories intended to communicate something meaningful and important about themselves; a chance to provide insight to admission counselors into who the students are beyond just test scores and grades. Last week, four intrepid seniors stood before the school community at morning reading and shared their college essays.  It is a privilege to guide students in their search for stories to share. I am proud of the work our seniors have put forth and am delighted that some of them have chosen to share their essays with you.

Emily Weed

“A wave of water rushed over the top of my helmet and down in front of my face, making a veil of water. It rushed down the rest of my body, onto my skirt, and then back into the pool. I cleared the water from my eyes and drained it from my ears. I felt my boat bobbing up and down vigorously underneath me due to my coach pushing on it. I heard excited hoots, hollers, and claps fill the hot and humid air around me. Finally, I opened my eyes and could see again. I looked out across the pool directly in front of me and saw 24 wildly ecstatic eyes staring back. I had just successfully completed my first roll.”

Wu, Tianqi [Solo]

“This internship was one of the most influential experiences of my life, giving me an insider’s perspective of the banking industry and improving my skills in customer relations and problem-solving. Most importantly, it gave me the knowledge and motivation I needed to decide conclusively that my future lies in finance.”

Abigail Hiltz ’13

“Sometimes I think back to when I learned the true meaning of hard work and independence, and realize it was those days on the boat. Now that my every day life is filled with my studies and social life, I feel I begin to lose who I am sometimes. Then I’ll think back to those days out on the water with my dad, and I’ll imagine his smile that he flashed to me whenever I sang along with the radio on the back of the boat, and I’m reminded of who I am and where I came from.”

Yue, Yang [Thomas]

“Soon, I found myself picking up those old drumsticks and playing a familiar song on my set. A huge smile came across my face; I realized how important my drums were to me, and I was the only one that felt this connection in the entire world.”

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