December Energy Conservation Projects at WMS

Karen Foss, Director of Finance and Operations
Wood pellet furnace installation, improved roof insulation, window replacement and more…!
By Karen Foss, Director of Finance and Operations

Our energy conservation, carbon reduction and cost saving efforts continue at The White Mountain School this winter. We have several major projects underway while students are away on break this December.

We recently received a low interest loan and grant from the NH Community Development Finance Authority for energy efficiency improvements to the McLane Building. Froling Energy, Peterborough, NH, is installing three 56KW Okofen wood pellet boilers and three 9 ton cloth storage bins. It is estimated that approximately 150 tons of wood pellets will replace 20,000 gallons of #2 Fuel Oil per year. At prevailing prices of oil at $3.50 per gallon and pellets at $210 per ton, we could save an estimated $40,000 per year with a breakeven in about 3.5 years, and reduce carbon output to the atmosphere by 280 tons annually. The second largest component of the energy efficiency package is the addition of more blown-in insulation above the dining room and kitchen areas. This will reduce the heat escaping through the roof and also prevent the formation of the infamous ice dams on the exterior. This work is being done by J. Myers Builders, Lisbon, NH. Other components of the project include a new dishwasher for the kitchen, which will save approximately $7,500 per year in water and electricity, and replacement windows for Steele House, which will greatly improve the comfort level for its residents as well as save on fuel oil consumption.

We are committed to continuing to view campus improvements with an eye toward energy savings and carbon reduction whenever possible.

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