Diversity & Culture: International Night

Each year, WMS community members invest a tremendous amount of time preparing for our annual International Night, a night of celebrating the diversity of our community by sharing in the culture and traditions of our students. We all look forward to sampling dishes from students’ home countries and sharing in traditional music and dance. “Dinner” as a descriptor doesn’t quite capture the feast that community members and our many guests experience. It is more like a gigantic buffet of flavors from around the world.


Students cooked, choreographed, practiced, and decorated- as seen here- in preparation for International Night 2016.

“Did you try the Japanese curry?” “What about Rohan’s ‘bakes’ from St. Lucia or that soup from Germany’s table?” The buzz in the dining room is at an all time high during dinner. Every dish is prepared by students, most who spend the afternoon hunkered down in the kitchens of faculty apartments in order to bring the very best dishes to the community meal later that evening.

EJ and Ben serve their homemade falafel, pitas, and challah.

Other students work after school and during their free time to craft the posters and signs that decorate the dining room and Great Hall. And still others practice and choreograph the performances they’ll share with the community after dinner. Thank you to all of this year’s volunteers and organizers.

Dominican Republic recipe

Clariley ’16 describes one of the dishes she helped prepare for the Dominican Republic’s table.

International Night

Community members gather in the dining hall before the opening of the International Night festivities.

Japanese cuisine

Lai ’16, the student host for the evening’s activities, greets visitors to the Japan table.

caribbean food

WMS students welcome guests to the Jamaica and St. Lucia tables.

united kingdom cuisine

Tori, Cassie, and Marlon share homemade baked goods at the U.K.’s table.

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