Watch This! Ericia ’16 and Chantal ’17 Share Their Original Poem

“But as I grow, I realize:
Like the sun, I will forever be bright.
Like the wind, I will forever be moving.
Like my mother, I will forever be strong.
Like my father, I will forever be outspoken.”

These were some of the words of Ericia Bramwell ’16 and Chantal Stephenson ’17 at yesterday’s Morning Meeting. Read on to view their performance.

Ericia and Chantal shared their original poem “out loud” with the community at the end of this April’s celebration of National Poetry Month. But they weren’t alone in sharing poetic inspiration with us. Students from each English class spoke at Morning Meetings this month. They shared favorite poems, original works, and song lyrics. Several international students also shared poems in their native languages. What a great WMS tradition!

Watch Ericia and Chantal perform their poem here.

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