Our Visit to the “FAB Lab” at Dartmouth College

White Mountain School students and teachers recently took Professor Sol Diamond ’93 up on an offer to visit the Dartmouth College FAB Lab for some creative “making” time.
As part of the “Make-A-Thon” at Dartmouth last week, visitors to the FAB Lab had the opportunity “to participate in a variety of hands-on workshops related to technology, fabrication, electronics, science, music and art.” The White Mountain School group had access to 3D printers, laser scanners and laser cutters, 4 axis mills, computer design/animation software and other electronics during their visit. They spent some dedicated time working on mold-making and 3-D modeling and learned some exciting ways to create digital music.
A professor taught us how to make some electronic music by changing waves of electricity,” said Jerry Li ’15. “This activity involving circuit boards and electronic music synthesizing on a tiny scale, and it was so intriguing! It was something I’d never seen before, and I was able to practice it with an Ivy League professor, “ said Rachael Moss ’15.
Ben Ford ’16 added, “We were also looked at the C# (pronounced C-sharp) programming language which is used to for Arduino programming for accomplishing any number of tasks. It is more or less what we use for robotics, but a bit more broad in scope. We were able to test out the technology and think about ways that I might incorporate it into my LASR project next year.”
“There was also a Dartmouth student in the 3D animation club who was using the 3DS Max and Photoshop programs. I had the opportunity to connect with him and talk about my LASR project at WMS,” said Jerry Li ‘15. “My LASR Project this year is in 3D animation. I am using ZBrush and 3DS Max to learn three dimensional animation techniques with my mentor, Director of Technology, Ben Moss.
Thank you to Professor Diamond ’93, Ben Moss, and Rob Constantine for organizing this great opportunity for our students!

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