Fall Field Course Review

The 2014 Fall Field Courses took students to study interesting topics in their authentic settings— as far away as Nicaragua! Read on for more and a quick video.

At WMS we talk about “inquiry” and “engagement” a great deal. In fact, these words form the foundation of our mission statement. The twice yearly Field Courses are our way of providing opportunities for students and teachers to learn together in authentic environments. They provide opportunities for us to ask questions and seek answers naturally. They allow us to engage with the larger world outside of school.

Curious about sustainable living and the organic food movement? Sign up for “Farm to Plate.” Want to learn more about desert ecology? Why not go to the Mojave and live and learn in Joshua Tree State Park? The courses change each term and year, so there are always new oportunities. Have an idea for a great Field Course? The course topics are determined by student and faculty input. Share your idea with your advisor or a teacher. You never know, you might even up as a Student Assist on a Field Course that you help design and plan.

Each semester students have the opportunity to sign up for one of 10-12 courses offered domestically and internationally, and run enrirely by White Mountain School faculty. These courses are memorable. They take us out of our comfort zones and provide exciting experiential learning opportunities.

Click here to read the course descriptions from this fall.
Click here to see the 2014 Fall Field Course video.

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