Family Newsletter – 12/7/12

Nate Snow
This week’s Family Newsletter from Assistant Head of School Nate Snow!
Hi WMS Families,

I hope this pre-holiday missive finds you well and un-stressed.  Please find attached this weekend’s schedule.
This weekend is a big one here at WMS as both our girls and boys basketball teams play their home openers on Saturday afternoon (home is almost accurate as all of our ‘home’ basketball games are played just down the road at Profile).  For our nascent girls team, this is their first game ever and they are very excited!  We will provide transportation for students to attend these games, and if you are local and able to attend, please consider coming out to support our teams (Girls tip-off at 2, Boys at 3:30).
It is a good weekend on campus for those who want to be active!  Friday night Paula is running a trip to Evergreen Gym, a gymnastics center which has a multitude of trampolines, foam pits and apparatus for kids big and small to play on.  They also have recently renovated and reopened their pool.  On Saturday, Matthew is running a ski trip to nearby Bretton Woods, the largest ski area in NH.  This was one morning that I found myself wishing that we videotaped morning meeting every day because seeing Gabe pantomime figure skating while introducing his Saturday night ice skating trip would have brought joy to all of your mornings.  And on Sunday, Campbell is running an always popular trip to the hip college town of Burlington, Vermont.  These activities, in addition to the basketball games, holiday activities (both Hanukkah and Christmas related), and at least one big screen retro video game tournament should be enough to keep everyone busy!
While this year is not yet half over (it certainly is going fast!), we are already beginning to look forward to next year.  To that end we have posted an “Important Dates” 2013-14 calendar on the school portal.  This calendar provides all of the major dates on the school calendar for things like Registration Day, student travel dates, Graduation, Field Courses, and Family Weekends.  A full calendar will be available later this winter.   The winter sports schedule will also be fully up on the school website later today.  We will also post a PDF on the portal as well for those that would like to print a copy.  We would love to see as many of you as possible at races, competitions, games and events this season.
This afternoon, WMS is hosting Susanna Gadsby, nurse coordinator at Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Orthopedic/Sports Medicine Clinic.  She will be meeting with faculty and coaches to discuss concussions and concussion management in our students.  She will also be meeting with Health Services staff to assist in the development of our new Concussion Management policy.  Many states, including NH, have recently passed laws outlining procedures for the management of head injuries at multiple levels.  While the NH law does not apply to non-public schools, WMS remains committed to following the spirit of the law in our practice.  This includes the development of this plan, the education of coaches and the communication of our policies and procedures to parents.  We will be sending out more information on our concussion management plan to all families in the near future.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me or Laura Morse, our Health Services Director.
I did announce this morning (to resounding cheers) that we do, in fact, have another break coming up quite soon.  This means we have another round of travel plans to complete.  Students will be meeting with their advisors at lunch today so hopefully we can wrap this up for most everyone.  If you have travel information to communicate, you can send it to me, Betsie or your child’s advisor.  It is incredibly important for us to have this information in a timely fashion so we can ensure the safe and appropriate travel of every student.  As we enter into the season where weather may play a greater role in our travel days (though hopefully not!), it is a good time to remind everyone to call the AOD phone (603-616-1528) or me (603-616-2040) with any travel related emergencies or issues if you can’t reach anybody at school (603-444-2928).
Winter Break begins after dinner on Wednesday 12/19, though as usual, most students will leave on Thursday morning.  Dorms close at noon on Thursday the 20th and reopen for students at 3pm on Sunday 1/6.  Wednesday night is our Holiday Celebration (5PM) to which all families are most cordially invited.  Please RSVP to Betsie if you plan to attend this and/or the Community Dinner which follows.  Prior to the Holiday Celebration, we also host our campus-wide ‘Big Clean’ event which you are also most welcome to attend (if only for visual proof of how effective moppers, scrubbers and vacuumers your children really are!).
As always, please let us know if you have questions about anything at all during this busy time.  Have a great weekend!

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