Family Newsletter 4/5/13

This week’s Family Newsletter from Assistant Head of School Nate Snow!
Hi WMS Families!
Attached please find a copy of the upcoming weekend’s schedule. We can call it the “Holy Cow! Only 8 Weeks Until Graduation” version. I hope that your WMS student’s vacation was restful and rejuvenating, allowing him or her to tackle this final sprint to June 1 with spirit, vigor and maybe a dose of perseverance.  I would be remiss not to mention that this is a time replete with conflicting emotions as students simultaneously look eagerly forward while still trying to remain rooted in their present. As these emotions surge, please reach out to us if you have any concerns. Advisors (and others) certainly will spend some time with students who are trying to navigate this challenging (and exciting) time.
One thing that will be happening in the coming weeks is that returning students will be signing up for next year’s courses.  Advisors will be in contact with you as well after they sit down with students to discuss course options for the coming year.  The full course guide, a list of next year’s courses and an information sheet are all posted on the school portal. If you have any questions about courses or this process, please contact your child’s advisor.  As a reminder, students should be re-enrolled in order to be placed in classes. The same is true for both room selection and Fall Orientation Trip signups as well.  
It is hard to believe that all of this ‘next year’ stuff is coming up already, but since we’re talking about it, here’s a few more notes:  The 13-14 Calendar is also up on the portal. This is a good reference particularly if you are beginning to make travel arrangements. Also, next year’s matriculation and health packets will be available soon for returning families. Laura is currently working on streamlining and simplifying the health packet for returning students, and both of these will be accessible via the school portal in a few weeks.
For those students for whom the term “next year” has an entirely different meaning (our graduating seniors!) there is also a schedule for graduation weekend on the portal. Sheena is the guru of all things graduation from schedule to dress code, so if you have any questions about this weekend, please reach out to her. The seniors have been meeting regularly doing all of their important planning for this exciting weekend! Please note that, since all students are required to be at graduation, all WMS families are invited to join us at the graduation ceremony.
Sheena will also be sending out and posting information about our upcoming Spring Family Weekend. Astute observers will notice that we have moved this later in the spring this year (weekend of May 10-11) and we are hopeful that spring will be in full bloom on our campus for this great weekend. We hope to see many of you on campus for our National Honor Society induction, art displays, theater performances and athletic contests. There will also be time scheduled to visit classes, join in on sports and meet with advisors if you wish as well.
This weekend (as are all weekends following vacations) is a closed weekend so boarding students remain on campus for the overnights.  There is, however, much going on to get students back in the flow. We have Project Block class (E) this Saturday as well as sports on Saturday afternoon. Our girls lacrosse team kicks off their season tomorrow with a scrimmage at Proctor Academy. All students’ ski passes are now good on weekends so a trip to Cannon on Sunday for some of the best spring skiing we’ve seen in years will be popular, no doubt. We did have to postpone a scheduled trip to Tuckerman Ravine because snow conditions on Mt. Washington are closer to mid-winter than spring.  
It has been great to hear all of the reports and stories from our recent Field Courses. There are some great photos up on the school’s Picasa page. New this year, every student’s Field Course evaluation will be put into Whipple Hill and show up on their upcoming report card. Grades close for the third quarter Friday, April 12th and grades, teacher comments and the Field Course evaluations will be available the following week.
As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. Have a great weekend!

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