In the Classroom: AP Studio Art

AP Studio Art goes outside the classroom to collaborate and compare with another school!

Kate Renner’s AP Studio Art class has had a stunning year so far, with art shows in the Great Hall and trips to Boston for National Portfolio Day. These students are incredibly talented and their art speaks for itself.

But AP Studio Art, Kate points out, is a class that’s held to a national standard and it’s important for students to see where they stand among their peers and take a look outside their own classroom. With that in mind, Kate’s class took a trip to St. Johnsbury last Friday to visit Saint Johnsbury Academy and compare their work with St. J’s AP Studio Art class.

“Their art building was so amazing,” says AP Studio Art student Mandy Mu ’15. “It’s like a museum!”

Done in collaboration with St J’s art teacher, Kate thinks the collaboration was a complete success. “It was refreshing for them to see what other students are doing, and it was great to work together and show other students the work we’re doing.”

Thank you, Kate Renner and her AP Studio Art class, for going above and beyond to collaborate with local schools, expand our students’ horizons, and make your class a part of our local community.

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